I’m Vincent Jacques, alias jacquev6 on the web. I’m a 38 years old, French, passionate software development engineer. I started programming when I was 12 on a Casio calculator, and I haven’t stopped learning.

I acquired a broad engineering education at Ecole Centrale Paris (2006) and specialized in Software as a very enthusiastic career choice.

After fourteen years of professional software engineering, I value maintainable and evolutive source code and the use of tools and automation to create working, reliable software.


Since June, 2019, I’ve become a freelancer. What can I do for you?

For companies with Software Development Engineers (SDEs), large or small:

Feel free to contact me ( and let’s find out how I can help you. First discussions are always free, with no commitment.


Here are my most significant open-source software projects. You can view more in my complete portfolio .


Python Library

PyGithub is a Python client library for the GitHub REST API v3. It’s widely used (2400+ stars on GitHub) and is now maintained by the community.

The main challenge is the size of the API: there are hundreds of endpoints, each with one to six HTTP verbs. PyGithub provides a specialized interface for each combination; this makes client code safe. Some other libraries let their user write the name of the endpoints: mistakes are only discovered when the HTTP request is sent. In PyGithub, if the method exists, then the endpoint exists.


OCaml Visual Web Program

DrawGrammar is a tool to draw railroad diagrams of EBNF grammars. It is available as an interactive demo and as a command-line tool.

It is written in OCaml. The OCaml bytecode is translated to JavaScript using js_of_ocaml. My library JsOfOCairo is used to share the Cairo-based drawing code between HTML5 canvases and PNG files. The parsers for ISO-14977 EBNF (and the variant used for the Python grammar) are written using the Menhir parser generator.


OCaml Library

hashids-ocaml is an OCaml implementation of hashids.

Hashids, by Ivan Akimov, is a successful small library to obfuscate integers, mainly used to hide growing sequences when generating public URLs. It’s been ported to a wide variety of programming languages by the community.